BusinessSend PDF, Image, Excel File Attachments through Bulk SMS on WhatsApp

Now Share your Company Profile, Product Catalogue, Brochures, College Prospectus on WhatsApp

Bulk Sms on WhatsApp

Send PDF, JPEG & Other Attachments via Bulk SMS on WhatsApp

MySMSMantra Bulk SMS on WhatsApp service allows you to share PDF, Excel, JPEG, DOC and other files as attachments. You can send bulk SMS to customers and share attachments in WhatsApp on-demand- if the customer selects to receive further information. Send company profiles, brochures, catalogues, admission prospectus to thousands of prospects. Share detailed information and generate more leads by registering to bulk SMS on WhatsApp.

What is Bulk Sms on WhatsApp?

Bulk SMS on WhatsApp is an interactive way to connect with people powerfully and promote products digitally. It is an extension to bulk SMS service that enable businesses to share thorough details about the product or services with thousand of customers.

You send SMS to multiple mobile numbers. Customer receives the SMS and follows the given link that opens up in WhatsApp. When message opens in WhatsApp, it includes business-centric keywords that customer can send to receive detailed information on the product being advertised.

  • Business Profiles
  • Admission Details
  • Product Catalogues
  • Real Estate Brochures
  • Deals & Discounts Info

Supports Widely Used File Formats Such as PDF, XLSX, DOC, JPG, PPT, etc.



Share your product image with description as image files to grab customer attention.



Most secure file format to share your business profiles with thousands of customers.


Excel sheets

Share business data as Excel attachments with employees, stakeholders, and colleagues.



Send product catalogue to your customers using bulk SMS on WhatsApp service.



Share graphic files to attract and engage customers with your product or services.



Keep your customers informed by sharing business newsletter as attachments.

How Can Your Business Use SMS Attachments?

Connect with Your Customers Digitally via WhatsApp



Share product description, features, benefits, and pricing details with prospective buyers interactively via bulk SMS on WhatsApp and boost your sales graph.


Travel & Tourism

Attract more customers by marketing adventurous tour details along with flight details, hotel images, attractive site-seeing descriptions, etc. to sell more travel packages.


Real Estate Agents

An ultimate marketing platform for real estate agents to display property listings (for rental, sale, purchase properties) with end prospects in just few seconds.


Banking & Insurance

Promote existing and new financial schemes, fixed-deposit offerings, insurance products, and other services to inform and attract customers to purchase it.


College & Universities

Educational institutions can share their admission prospectus, specific program details with aspirants based on the program-specific keywords mentioned in the WhatsApp message.


Malls & Retail Outlets

You can share detailed information about any particular product, entire product catalog, product-wise deals, festival discounts, etc. with customers to promote outlet sales.

What Bulk SMS on WhatsApp Can Do for Your Business

Connect with People & Promote Your Product to Wide Audience Base
  • Reach to the target audience anywhere in the world.
  •  Advertise product as DOC, XLSX, PDF, PPT attachments.
  •  Promote your product(s) in a detailed format, interactively.
  •  Get analytics report of customers who viewed your message.
  •  No more paper advertisements, promote your product digitally.
  •  Share business information in most protected file format, i.e., PDF.
  •  Present your product graphically to gain better customer attention.
  •  Get keyword-focused marketing platform to promote your business.
  •  Share company profiles and product catalogue to prospective buyers.
  •  Gain insights to large user database who sent keywords to receive the message.

How Bulk SMS on WhatsApp Works?

Powerful Two-Way Communication Platform that Works in Few Simple Steps